Competence, Creativity and Flexibility

Electromechanical assemblies.

As a manufacturer of electromechanical assemblies, we serve industries including packaging, automatic distribution, air handling systems, and radio controls, providing customers with a precise, punctual, and reliable service.

Assembling electromechanical parts requires special care. We are proud to provide our customers with a precise organization of processes and high efficiency when assembling operations, in order to obtain high quality components.


A partner for growth

As a fast and nimble company, our structure allows us to support our customers even as they grow and innovate.

Need an electromechanical assembly management partner who is reliable and competent?

Our solutions are integrated into a variety of systems:

  • Research into customized systems
  • Expertise in overcoming technical challenges
  • Safety regulations compliance
  • A focus on energy conservation and production-costs
  • After-sales support and maintenance
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