The temperature controller

Technical specifications


- Device supply: 230 Vac (+15% / -15%) 4W max. used by controller. 115Vac option available
- Power supply: 230Vac with maximum distorsion of 10%. 115Vac option available
- Mains frequency: 47 Hz to 65 Hz whit automatic adaption to the mains frequency in this range
- Peak output power: 3600 VA. Continuous output power 1200 VA. 1800VA with 115V supply
- Load values: MAX 80Vac 100A. MIN 8Vac 12A
- Device safety increased by the use of 2 breakers in series to power the load

- Command inputs: 24Vac/30Vdc +20 -60% opto-isolated
- Signaling output: max 30Vdc 50mA opto-isolated, free of voltage, NPN or PNP configurable
- Alarm output: max 30V 0,5A free voltage contact
- Temperature adjustment range: 30 to 500 degree with lockable limits
- Unit operational temperature: 0 to 50 degree
- Adjustments and configuration through integrated keypad and numeric display, or through serial bus EIA/TIA485, or through external voltage/potentiometer

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