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Specialized in high-quality wiring works

Wiring, both standard and customer-specific, is made at our Santorso (Vicenza) facilities to satisfy the distinct requirements for each industrial electrical engineering project quickly and efficiently.

We provide all wiring needs: single and multi-pole, shielded or unshielded, and in different finishes for contacts and connectors. All materials we use in our assemblies are CE and UL certified and sourced from selected suppliers to ensure safety and quality. In addition to automated and semi-automatic equipment for stripping, cutting, marking, crimping, and crimping cables, our production line also features test benches for high and low-voltage tests. The innate ability to pay attention to details and a high level of automation enable us to deliver high-quality projects at competitive prices and on time.


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The way we work with our customers is to design and supply products that satisfy their needs, collaborating with them to meet their requirements.

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